Exceptionally Intuitive Interface

Loaded with Powerful Features

AirOS is an intuitive, versatile, highly developed Ubiquiti firmware technology that resides on Ubiquiti Station products. It is exceptionally intuitive and was designed to require no training to operate. Behind the user interface is a powerful firmware architecture which enables hi-performance outdoor multipoint networking.

AirOS ScreenShot

Distinguishing Features

Protocol Support
Dynamically router board protocol compatible
Ubiquiti Channelization
Operate in proprietary channels; enhanced security and network privacy
Spectral Width Adjust
5/10/20/40MHz options for increased throughput or increased range performance
Multi-Language Support
English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Chinese
ACK Auto-Timing
Automatically converge to optimum ACK timeout value for distance links
AAP Technology
Adaptively SW adjust antenna polarity for optimum peformance
"Open Source" Philosophy
Full SDK and Ubiquiti engineering support open for 3rd party firmware developments


  • AP/Station 802.11a/b/g/n standards
  • WDS Bridging or routing
  • Static wireless Access Control List
  • Layer 2 User Isolation
  • Transmit Power Control Support
  • 802.11e QoS (WMM)
  • SSID Broadcast Disabling
  • Dynamic ACK Timeout


  • Intuitive Web Management Interface
  • CLI access via telnet
  • (Backup/Restore) configuration files
  • Password protected access
  • Full Statistical performance reporting
  • Detailed link quality information
  • SNMP v1 Support
  • LED indication level management
  • Reset to factory defaults
  • Firmware updates
  • Firmware recovery TFTP


  • 802.3 bridging
  • Router Mode - Static IP Routing
  • Masquerading (NAT)
  • DMZ
  • Port Forwarding
  • DNS Proxy
  • DHCP Server and Client
  • PPPoE Client
  • NTP
  • VLAN / 802.1q pass-through
  • PPTP, Ipsec pass-through
  • Wireless client bridge support
  • Traffic Shaping

Wireless Modes

  • Station Bridge/Router
  • Access Point Bridge/Router
  • Repeater
  • PtP / PtmP Bridge/Router


  • Ping watch dog
  • Antenna Alignment Tool
  • Ping
  • Traceroute