• Plug and Play Installation

    Use standard Ethernet cable to connect machines or sensors. Use Wi-Fi to connect mFi nodes seamlessly into your IP Network. Unlimited device scalability.

  • Powerful Functionality

    Create powerful relationships between sensors, machines and power control. Instantly create powerful analytics, event reporting and scheduling.

  • Mobile App Support

    Monitor and control mFi devices using the mobile app for iOS devices. The mFI app provides realtime status of sensor and devices and can control mPower devices.

  • Advanced User Experience

    From auto-detection of machines to intuitive and powerful rule creation, the mFi controller transforms a machine network into an automated symphony.

mFi Controller Software

The mFi controller provides an intuitive and powerful user experience

Packed with Features

  • Configurable Maps
  • Remote Control Capability
  • Events and Alerts
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Scheduling
  • Powerful Rule Generation

Machine Auto Detection

The mFi controller will auto-detect and provision mFi devices and connected machines on the network.

Advanced Analytics

Powerful graphing with user-defined views provide in depth analysis of the machine network.

Events and Alerts

User defined event recording and alerts provide feedback on the machine network activity.

Remote Control Capability

Remotely control the power and functionality of the machine network.

Remote Terminal Support

Terminal command windows support unlimited machine network scalability through single interface.

Advanced Rule Creation

Create powerful relationships and automation in your machine network with complete freedom.