Connect to Networks far, far away

Maximize your WiFi Range

Introducing WifiStation and WifiStation EXT, powerful and versatile tools that are capable of connecting to WiFi networks 100+ meters away at 150+ Mbps speeds.

100+ m Long Range, AirMax, 300+ Mbps REAL TCP/IP Throughput, Plug and Play: No Setup Required

Advanced Antenna Technology

Built-in Hi-Gain Antenna for long-range connectivity.

Revolutionary antenna design

Sleek Design

Revolutionary performance in a compact and efficient design.

16dBi integrated antenna

Advanced Software Support

Included with WifiStation is Ubiquiti's powerful, intuitive, and customizable Client Software.

WifiStation Client

Easy Installation

Simply plug WifiStation or WifiStation-EXT in the USB port of your computer (both versions have a USB cable included). WifiStation-EXT features an integrated pole mount, wall mount adapter, and extra long (4 meters) USB cable to give installers plenty of mounting versatility.

WifiStation setup