Welcome to the Ubiquiti® Training Academy!

We commit to the goal of providing professional-quality, world-class training to Ubiquiti® customers worldwide. We have designed courses to be delivered by Ubiquiti Authorized Training Partners and conducted by Ubiquiti Certified Trainers.

Each course melds together trainer-led presentations and hands-on exercises by students using actual equipment. We’ve found that most technical people learn best by seeing and doing, so we’ve incorporated plenty of graphics, visual cues and tactile lab exercises to enhance your learning.

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The Ubiquiti® Broadband Wireless Admin (UBWA) course is the first course offered by the Ubiquiti Training Academy. This hands-on course provides both the background of foundational knowledge and the hands-on experience of building out a wireless communications system using Ubiquiti equipment.

Course Outline

  • RF Fundamentals
  • Antenna Fundamentals
  • Spectrum Analysis
  • Link Calculations
  • Installation Best Practices
  • Ubiquiti's Unique Features

The Ubiquiti® Enterprise Wireless Admin (UEWA) course is the second course offered by the Ubiquiti Training Academy. This course is designed to prepare professionals to meet the challenges faced by today's enterprise networks through hands-on lab activities using UAPs and the UniFi controller.

Course Outline

  • Overview of Enterprise Networks
  • WLAN Fundamentals
  • WLAN Planning
  • Comprehensive UniFi Configuration
  • Advanced Adoption Techniques
  • Guest Portal & Hotspot Integration
  • WLAN Troubleshooting

The Ubiquiti® Broadband Routing & Switching Specialist (UBRSS) course is designed for students to learn the core protocols and technologies used in today's service provider networks. The curriculum contains practical, real-world examples as well as hands-on lab activities with EdgeMAX equipment to enhance student learning.

Course Outline

  • EdgeMAX Overview
  • Device Management
  • Carrier Network Design
  • IPv4 & Subnetting
  • Routing Protocols
  • ISP Services & Security